North Fork River Personal Boat Rentals

If you are coming to camp with us or stay in one of our cabins, then we are more than happy to have you bring your personal boat for us to shuttle. It is $50 a canoe and $40 a kayak. Camping rates do change to $15 a person per a night for bringing own boats.

We do not allow personal boats on weekends (Saturdays/Sundays) unless you are staying on the property.

We run on a very tight schedule in the mornings and pre-load our canoes and kayaks the day before so our shuttles will run smoothly. It is difficult for us to go to your site and unload one of our boats and put another on and not get behind schedule. There are also liability issues involved. We try to keep the nicest fleet of canoes on the North Fork river.

Vehicle shuttles: We do not offer vehicle shuttles as our insurance does not cover it. If we have available staff we may move your vehicle for you under your insurance and your takeout fees will be at an increased rate. Any questions please call and ask.

Shuttling your own boats: During season we do not allow any vehicles to be parked at the landing. We have multiple buses going in and out of this site for folks who have paid to rent our boats. We also have guest who have paid big money to rent out the landing during summer months. It’s unfair to them to have unwanted vehicles parked in their way.

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